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Continuous and stable incomes:

The self-consumption mode decreases the utilities costing. Selling extra power makes money for owners. In addition, there are opportunities of getting subsidy from the government. 

Saving power and decreasing consumption:

Effectively decreasing the indoor temperature 3 to 10 degree; improving the living experience; and economizing on air conditioners.

Environmental friendly:

get “Green Energy Certificate” .

Extending roof life:

The solar panels are another protection for the roof that defends the blazing sun and running water.

Energy conservation and emission reduction:

PV system with 500kW capacity can reduce one of the following: 195t standard coal, 508t carbon dioxide, 5t sulfur dioxide. 


Solar power, which highlights the reducing consumption of non-renewable resources, is clean energy and improves the visibility of enterprises.

Get “Green Energy Certification”:

Photovoltaic system has become an appeal of green buildings. It is also helpful on reducing export duty.