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Our Creative- Living-Space Plan helps our clients to enjoy sunshine life while generating revenue. 

  • Sunshine House

    Tea making under the sun, with quiet and harmonious atmosphere in a Sunshine House, life is full of lustre.

  • Solar Club House

    Elegant living space with high class living atmosphere.

  •      SunRoof Gardening

    Rooftop grown vegetables makes your dinner smells like 5-star hotel.

  • SunRoof Tea 

    Play chess under the sun with friends, with nice tea pot, you can kill the time for a day.

  • SunRoof SPA

    If your house offers you enough space, why not build a Spa bathtub, where you make your skin tan easily. 

  • SunRoof Meeting Place

    Those who are willing to share with you happiness are those who may want to sit with you on your Sunroof meeting Place for a day.