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Terms of use
This section contains the relevant terms for the use of the network. Users who browse this website and related webpage have accepted the following terms.

monstrans de droit
The ownership of the information, information, layout, graphics, images, videos, processes, sounds, procedures and other contents of the web site related to this website is enjoyed and retained by the light energy of Guangdong, without the prior written permission of the light energy in Guangdong, no one shall be on the website. Any content is replicated or mirrored on a server not in Guangdong's light energy. Any infringement of the above rights may lead to civil, administrative or criminal responsibility.
The trademarks, trademark names, and signs (collectively referred to as trademarks) used and appeared on this website are registered and non registered trademarks of light energy and other relevant rights holders in Guangdong. Nothing on this website should be regarded as licensed or authorized by the user to use any trademark on this website. Without the permission of Guangdong intermediate light energy or other relevant rights holders, users shall not use trademarks that are the same or similar to those trademarks.

For the content of this website, we have done our utmost to review, but do not provide any implied or implied warranty or guarantee, including but not limited to guarantees or guarantees concerning the timeliness, validity, availability, and non infringement of the rights of others, and no guarantee of the text, graphics, materials, chains contained in the content of the site. The accuracy or completeness of the instructions, statements, or other matters does not guarantee that there is no printing, duplication and other input errors in the content of this website.
In any case, any direct, indirect, incidental, or incidental loss (including but not limited to loss of profit, loss of information data, damage to property, etc.) resulting from the use of the content of the site or the inability to enter the site (including, but not limited to loss of profit, loss of information data, property destruction, etc.), no matter the use of the contract, whether it is a contract. Lawsuit, tort or other grounds of litigation.