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45 enterprises, such as China light energy, jointly signed the Convention on self-discipline of household photovoltaic practitioners to receive supervision from inside and outside the industry.

The China photovoltaic industry association established the general assembly of the household photovoltaic Specialized Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "household special committee") and the first committee meeting was successfully held in Beijing.

At this conference, Guangdong light energy investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as light energy), which has been leading the innovation of industry technology and service development (hereinafter referred to as the light energy), is listed as the first member of the PV Specialized Committee with 44 other well-known enterprises.

China Light Energy Co., Ltd. signed the "Convention on self-discipline of household photovoltaic practitioners" for the first batch of enterprise representatives.

The establishment of the special committee has brought positive positive energy for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The enterprises voluntarily signing the self-discipline convention of the household photovoltaic practitioners will make an example, do a good job in the industry, guide the self-discipline of the industry, promote the monitoring of the market, and accelerate the construction of the credit evalsuation of the photovoltaic industry, the innovation of the product technology and the innovation of the products. Quality improvement!

The background of the signing of the Convention

Data show that China installed 52830 trillion watts (GW) of new solar power capacity in 2017. Among them, household household photovoltaic installed more than 500 thousand households, household photovoltaic market explosive growth.

Data show that China has installed 528 million 300 thousand watts (GW) in 2017, the new solar power generation capacity. Among them, more than 500 thousand households installed photovoltaic household photovoltaic household photovoltaic market explosive growth.

The significance of the Convention

The purpose of the Convention is to promote self-discipline in the industry and maintain a fair and competitive market order from the aspects of policies and regulations, safety production, quality standards, integrity management, technological progress, service guarantee, social responsibility, maintenance of the industry and its long-term interests and reputation.

Photovoltaic practitioners' self-discipline convention (Trial Implementation)
Chapter I General rules

The first article is to establish a self-discipline management constraint mechanism, standardize the behavior of the practitioners, promote the building of the household with good faith in the photovoltaic market, promote the sustainable development of the PV market, and formulate the Convention according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state and the practice of the industry.
The second basic requirement of household photovoltaic market self-discipline is "law-abiding, honest, fair and win-win".
The members of the third conventions refer to the unit of the Convention, which refers to the production, manufacture and sale of photovoltaic products, equipment, related auxiliary ingredients (parts) in the household photovoltaic industry, the design, installation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, and other activities related to the photovoltaic industry, such as scientific research, education, testing and identification, finance, insurance and other activities related to the PV industry. Enterprises and institutions.
The fourth Chinese photovoltaic industry association has actively joined and complies with this Convention by using photovoltaic Specialized Committee for all members and units engaged in photovoltaic related business. It will jointly maintain the long-term interests and reputation of the industry and its own, actively promote self-discipline in the industry and maintain a fair and competitive market order.

The second chapter self-discipline clause
The fifth article includes the following nine self-discipline provisions:
(1) consciously abide by national laws and regulations, industry statutes, implement relevant policies of photovoltaic industry, and persist in managing in accordance with the law.
(two) abide by the state laws and regulations related to safety, improve the safety and reliability of product production, engineering construction and related services, and protect the safety of people and property from injury or loss.
(three) carry out the national standards, industry standards and group standards, establish and improve the quality management system of internal products, improve the quality of products and service level, do not fill up, adulterate and make fake, and reduce the standard.
(four) scrupulously abide by commercial reputation and commercial ethics, honest management, eliminate false information in promotion and propaganda, exaggerate product function and excessive commitment, propagate products, technology, and enterprise situation scientifically, objectively and honestly, and do not exaggerate the facts.
(five) establish a sound guarantee system and after-sale service system, abide by the service promise, and actively promote the credit construction of enterprises and industries.
(six) encourage and support legal, fair and orderly industry competition, consciously maintain fair competition order, and oppose unfair competition.
(seven) promote and encourage technological innovation, promote cooperation and win-win, strengthen the technical training and communication of the employees, and improve the technical level and service ability of the enterprises themselves and the whole industry.
(eight) to actively fulfill the social responsibility of environmental protection, labor security and so on, to provide public service for the society, and to actively promote the construction of enterprise and industry image.
(nine) consciously accept the supervision and criticism of enterprises and industries from all walks of life.

The third chapter of the implementation of the Convention
The sixth PV industry associations used photovoltaic Specialized Committee as the supervisory authority of the Convention, which is responsible for promulgation and supervision of the implementation of this Convention and the Secretariat of the special committee as a permanent institution.
If the seventh unit of the Convention violates the Convention, any unit and individual shall have the right to report to the Secretariat of the special committee. The Secretariat will investigate and verify, after the discussion of the special committee, and after the approval of the association, it may be given a warning, a notified criticism, a name and other penalties in accordance with the seriousness of the Convention, and the violation of the Convention. The unit proposed to hold the internal hearing of the special committee. After the hearing, the final investigation and punishment result will be announced to all the members and released to the public if necessary.
If the eighth member units of the Convention withdraw from the Convention, they shall notify the special committee in writing, and the Special Committee regularly announces the list of units to join and withdraw from the Convention.

The fourth chapter
The ninth convention has come into effect after consideration by the PV Specialized Committee Committee of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association, which is published by the Chinese photovoltaic industry association to the society of Specialized Committee.
Tenth during the period of the entry into force of this Convention, the committee may make amendments to the Convention in accordance with the actual needs and, after extensive consultation, amend the Convention.
The eleventh article is interpreted by the photovoltaic industry association of China, a household photovoltaic Specialized Committee, and will be implemented from the date of promulgation.