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The power station opens "skylight", the light energy photovoltaic power station chooses accessories products and adds new models.

Daily cleaning operation is more convenient.
Long-term exposure to outdoor power plant components, all kinds of dust, falling leaves, even waste is likely to be attached to the birds of the air on the components, affect efficiency of the cell, which requires long maintenance and cleaning.
But the guangdong area is mostly self-built, and the roofs of such buildings are often short of access to the top of the power station, which greatly troubles the daily cleaning and after-sales operation.
The newly added optional accessories for the power station products - skylight, solve this problem.
When the window opens, can form a channel 1.6 ㎡, very spacious, also available for people in and out.
The daily cleaning of residents only needs to open the skylight, and gently clean the surface of the components with a clean soft cloth. After the after-sales operation, the maintenance personnel can also go to the top of the power station to carry out the maintenance of the power station.

Does not affect the power station generation.
The design of skylight is to use a piece of component as a piece of glass, through the way that adds window section, realize a component to open and close, with the home normally open window is a reason.
Moreover, the skylight is basically in the same plane as the component, not only does not affect the power generation of the power station, but also does not affect the overall aesthetics of the power station.

Double waterproof design
The open position of skylight adopts double waterproof design.
1. The first waterproof.
When designing the skylight, we use the principle of water to lower the flow, so that the skylight is slightly higher than the surface of the photovoltaic bracket, and the rainy day is automatically drained.

2. The second waterproof.
When the window is closed, the sealing tape will be pressed against the window frame to further stop the rain.

Antirust and rust - proof, safe and durable.
Choose the aluminum alloy material with the same material to make the skylight, the skylight is the antirust and rust prevention and the appearance color of the power station is the same, the two perfect fusion.
Hardware fittings adopt high-grade quality building curtain wall hardware, through tens of thousands of anti-fatigue test and structural strength test, safe and durable.

Adopt building curtain wall window fixed mode.
Fixed the skylight with the fixed form of the building curtain wall window (that is, the sliding support hinge + high strength lock).
This kind of lock point fixed form passes strict structure calculation and installation test, can ensure the structure safety of skylight and use safety.